About Time! yell Media

Yes, given that the media can only purvey what it somehow imagines people want to see and hear, the people have to allow themselves to be gaplessly convinced that it is in fact what they want to see and hear, even though 99% of it is quite obviously trash, lies and waste of materials. (Is that a portrait of 'the Consumer'?) Anyway, they apparently have all left it up to Fud, the Newspaper from Nowhere, to 'tell it like it is,' - if that's at all possible.

Few readers can have any idea of just what an enormous and difficult task this is. In fact, we venture our opinion that it's most probably a superhuman task.

Take the ghastly record of history as your guide: the centuries, the millenia of compacted ignorance that have been necessary to produce the incredibly high standard of human being---ourself, no less---that we have strutting about all over the planet today.

Now what does this latest and greatest development of the dinosaur know or care about anything that is not straightforward self-indulgence? And quite right, for what is life except self-indulgence? If you're lucky! Isn't that what it's all about, once you've got the problem of survival sorted? Of course it is.

So What's for Sale?

Nothing at all. No profit will go to the producers of Fud because they simply don't deserve any for writing stuff like this. But almost anyone with the gift of literacy in the present language should be able to read and enjoy this wee Newspaper because it says so much that all the others don't.

Actually, Fud is an information exchange that goes far beyond the smug propaganda and inanities of State radio and TV. The fact is that mankind urgently needs to undergo radical change in its entire pattern. The big question is how can this come about? The Great Meteorite Hope is no good,because it would be too quick for anyone to appreciate the results satisfactorily, even though it might solve the problem definitively.


The trouble with emotionality is that you are always on the horns of a dilemma.


You can't miss it - overpopulation - it's everywhere. Does this fact have anything to do with the quality of life? Why is there said to be so much depression? What does intelligence have to say? Do you have responsibility - independent of others?

What man feels as his inescapable guilt is preventing his enjoyment of being.



Note: Nasally-negative Norbert Noone notices nothing new. Noetically, numberless nutty niggling notions numb Norbert’s natural nobility. Noone’s nefarious nudge nettles Nellie. Needled Nel, normally nice, nixes nookie. Neutral noumenon nullifies Norb's nameless needs.


Based on sex, lifetime bonking, and coping with the results. Noted for argument and the dissemination of bad news. No time for wondering. What would it mean to take full responsibility for population-denial, and all the other humanimal evasions? Could one relax into it, and bring the whole mess into presence? Which would then be real — reality, as surrounding appearance, effortless and immediate, or ‘idea soup’ as concocted in a factory which should obviously be shut down on hygiene grounds?


As who knows, culture isn’t just what we do; in part it is excellence in achievement in the many fields open to a body, but what is culture when it isn’t performance (and reward?) Is there any meaning without a reflection, an audience? Excellence would have to be such throughout, wouldn’t it? A priori, if you like, and always attended by humour. So what is being celebrated? In a phrase, the sheer pristine unpollutability of life.

A Definite Possibility

Verbalised thinking is irrelevant, rubbish, just society’s attempt to keep you busy. Why shouldn’t you/me relax completely into where we actually are - and find out what it has to offer (not ‘teach’)? Absorbing both environmental pressures and feeling-infused mental content; exercising the freedom to enquire into what life actually is.


Mixed Bag

•The idea of moving forward towards some goal is just a thought-scenario. The future exists only in thought.

•The mind is always trying to develop something.

•In the absence of grasping, it is there – the reflection you always wanted.

•Why are we consumers? Because we totally depend upon input.

•The desperation with which people grasp each other - for identity.

•Posture: Take it seriously (actually stand straight) and relax into it.


Drama is not Life

The person is an emotional reaction, reacting to and simultaneously creating his situation. Because the experience is registered by himself and seemingly corroborated by others, it can pose as fact, but in fact is his own creation.

Reality is essentially straightforward and without distortion. For the character, living only as reaction, circumstances must be either favourable or antagonistic. They are, in fact, neutral and free of emotionality, and so too, is the looking. Clarity without a shadow, exploring as it will.


Is there really anything wrong?

First of all, the caveats: yes, humanity is completely set in its pattern; the climate is going berserk; war, always a favourite, is in the offing; houses cost more than you can earn in a lifetime; and yes, the cultural level is plummeting, and yes too, individuality is being squeezed as the head-count soars.

However, that said, it is difficult to find anything seriously wrong in one’s actual experience. If you compare, then something can always be found; non-comparatively, it’s not a bad deal. Let’s also admit that there is always the freedom to look into the whole matter, assuming one is strong enough to stand free of the social pulls.

The point is.........

The point is yourself — but not thinking or feeling; what each thinks or feels is simply biological and social conditioning. Check? ‘Myself’ - that same old, habitually difficult feeling. Not resisting (relaxation) and not going dull could be interesting. ‘Relax and explore’— a nice motto for your coat of arms.


What is a study-centre?

‘Study’ in this context refers to ‘study of consciousness and behaviour.’ If you haven’t come across this term before, it’s hardly surprising since there is, as far as is known, only the one in all the world, and it isn’t very keen on publicity. Note on the terms: ‘consciousness’ means the ability to know, be aware of: ‘behaviour’ refers to what is happening in the environment around you, as well as what and who you impact on.

These are the essential elements. Once you get interested, you begin to see that the interpretation we have been handed as to what life is or means, is pretty limited and unsatisfying. All human knowledge goes just so far and then runs out, like water in the sands. Actually, what knowledge peters out into is its opposite - not knowing. Socially, not to know makes you a dumbcluck, a dodo, dimwit, dunce, but not-knowing is one’s very nature, and it in no way interferes with knowing. OK?

Centre? A potentially great idea. A place where those able to cast off the spell of vanity can get together and look into the meaning of it all, without teachers or experts. It does require keenness and maturity, but in return for giving up game playing you get access to what you really want - complete dissolution of all that is false. What is left? The genuine, of course!

Can one be perfect?

Does perfection imply being saintly, wanting little or even nothing? A kind of asexual existence as far from people as possible? A deity to apologise to continually for not being perfect? What is perfection?

The word means ‘thoroughly, completely done, complete,’ which definition applies exactly to our own world, what each perceives, including whatever is going on. Have you noticed that everything is ‘there’ already, the whole of appearance, as you recognise it and begin your action sequence - ‘here’s me going to the kitchen’ or whatever. So, we ‘come to’ with the stage-set already in place, and how we proceed is up to sensitivity, initiative, openness to hints, requirements of the moment etc. Seen in this way, ‘appropriate responding’ would perhaps be close to the meaning sought. Being accurate, the character, the player of the part, could be said to be completely responsible. Is it possible to do better than this?


Fashion Statement

Why is it that clothing for women of all ages is so much more stylish and interesting in general than that available to men? Fashion store or charity shop, a man is lucky to find a garment that ‘works.’ The whole thrust of society seems to be towards worship of woman, a philosophy in which the male element is assumed, and the female holds centre stage. Women know better, because they know that life is about reproduction. Fashion is all about making female charms more alluring - even explicit - such that men might easily feel embarrassed, if not coarsened by society’s relentless propaganda that sex is the meaning of life.

An attractive woman commands attention, and has at her disposal the full resources of the fashion industry, so that she can prove irresistible to the opposite sex. On the other hand, men are commonly badly dressed, with baggy trousers, nondescript tops and aggressively short hair. Those who seek the all-important street-cred have to pay highly for the designer signatures on their tat. Another influence is that identity in the UK and Euro-America is breaking down, and since men have no role other than family provider, they feel weak and emotional, and look and dress accordingly. Those who are seemingly not emotional are suppressive-aggressive, but the wear is identical.

Men are clich├ęd into a caricature of maleness, a kind of supertramp with credit card, a piece of cheap flattery designed to reassure urbanites that they have a unique but common identity. This put-together image hunts his equally put-together counterpart, and soon they are joined by Junior, with his spiky dyed hair and swifly acquired street smarts, who is as clueless as his parents as to what it is all about - apart from sex, consumerism and chat. Catch the next episode on channel umpteen or forever eat your heart out.